June 6, 2019 4:59 pm

California may soon join other states in legalizing CBD foods, bypassing FDA

Despite the drama surrounding hemp cultivation in California, state lawmakers appear likely to not only legalize CBD but also permit the sale of hemp-derived CBD foods, beverages and cosmetics.

A bill to authorize CBD foods was unanimously approved by the California State Assembly’s health and appropriations committees last month. Senators will take up the bill June 12.

If lawmakers agree to authorize CBD in food, Gov. Gavin Newsom is widely expected to sign it. The law would go into effect immediately.

“The unanimous vote reflects broad support to clarify the law and allow Californians to continue to have access to and experience benefits from quality hemp-derived CBD products,” Joseph Dowling, CEO of San Diego-based CBD company CV Sciences, said in a statement supporting the legislation.
Clarifying the rules

The measure notes that “a food, beverage or cosmetic is not adulterated by the inclusion of industrial hemp,” including extracts such as CBD. The bill would also prohibit restrictions on the sale of these items.


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